Raymond Terrace - one of Australia's most haunted towns?
Is this unlikely country town one of the countries most haunted?

by MurrayByfield

The Raymond Terrace district was originally inhabited by the Worimi Nation of Aborigines. The first European influence in the area appears to have been convict timber getters under the lash of government overseers.

The site was later visited by Lt Col William Patterson in 1801 with a midshipman by the name of Raymond who commented on the “Terraced” appearance of the area. It is debated wether this is how the “Terrace” actually got its name.

Raymond Terrace was founded in 1837 as a central river port for surrounding estates and landowners, such as Tomago, Eagleton, Irrawang, Seaham, Nelsons Plains, Stroud, Gloucester and Millers Forest.

At the time the Hunter River was the regions highway and as a result Raymond Terrace grew into a busy little town, it developed strong connections with Morpeth (the termination river port on the Hunter) and Newcastle (the main sea port of the Hunter region).

Monument commemorating the landing of Col Patterson in 1801

In a letter to her Godmother in 1841 Emily Caswell of Tanilba describes Raymond Terrace…

“About 20 miles from Tanilba is Raymond Terrace, It is here the Steamers (ships) from Sydney land their Passengers and Goods. It is very pretty and is increasing fast. A Church and Court house have lately been erected and as we know many agreeable families there it is a nice change to ride in.”

Raymond Terrace was also the major Post Office for settlements further to the north. The mail left Raymond Terrace by coach and on horseback and even went as far as Port Macquarie to deliver the mail.

With the opening up of roads and bridges river trade and was almost non-existent by the 1950’s and Raymond Terrace became a sleepy town until the development of local industries and the RAAF base at Williamtown.

Haunted Buildings and Houses

Raymond Terrace is rumored to have several haunted houses and buildings due to it's long history.

Historic King Street was the town’s original main street up until the massive 1955 flood which engulfed the entire lower Hunter region. The CBD then moved up into William Street to higher ground.

After dark King Street Raymond Terrace takes on a creepy persona!

Several of the timber shops in King Street which were built in the late 1800’s have resident ghosts in them. The Raymond Terrace Masonic centre for many years has been rumored to have its own friendly ghost. Some people say this ghost is a former tenant of the building who occupied the premises in the 1870’s.

The banks of the Hunter River at Raymond Terrace has its very own “White Lady” ghost who to this day is seen in period clothing still searching the for her attackers.

Hunter Street, Raymond Terrace which parallels the river has two historic homes which are also rumored to be haunted by former occupants.

A large two storey federation home called “Cooee” for many years has been known to the local children as “The Haunted House”. According to folklore someone committed suicide by hanging themselves on the stairwell.

The old St Johns church parsonage is said to have aborted fetuses buried within its sandstone walls, although there is absolutely no evidence to back up this story up the ghostly cries of babies is heard coming from the old fireplace!

The Raymond Terrace Pioneer Hill Cemetery which has over 2000 burials (first recorded burial 1841) almost half of which have no headstones is known to be haunted. EVPs have been recorded, people have been touched by unseen hands and a strong presence is felt at the bottom of the hill on the fence line.

The Colonial Motor Inn at Raymond Terrace has several rooms that have been reported as haunted.

Today the township of Raymond Terrace has a population over 12000 people and it is not usually regarded as a historic town.

However the ghosts of the last 175 years of settlement still like to make themselves known to the unsuspecting visitor!